What Worked And What Didn’t: Three Ways Businesses Will Be Forever Changed

Tiffany/ December 12, 2020/ Pet and Animal

President and Chief Executive Officer at Insight Enterprises, helping clients manage their business today and transform for the judi online future.
The Covid-19 pandemic thrust the world into uncertainty, but as we begin to return to “the new normal,” we’re starting to take note of more permanent changes to the ways we work and live. The immediate changes, like the shift to remote work, were made in a reactive state. Today, however, we find ourselves with the opportunity to be reflective, where we’re rethinking our architectures and considering the best ways to move forward, keeping safety and efficiency top-of-mind.

When it comes to organizational change management best practices, many companies weren’t prepared for this. Now is the time to look at what worked, look at what didn’t and create a plan to move forward. I predict three fundamental structural changes as a long-term impact of Covid-19 in the workplace: a permanent adoption of remote work or hybrid work environments, an increase in XaaS and increased digital engagement.

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