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Once your prospective customers have completed your short survey, they’ll be entitled to the information they came to your site to receive. To effectively engage these customers, Satterfield recommends preparing a video based on each of the answers customers might have chosen during the survey.

What kind of video you produce is up to you, but Satterfield points out that there are two main types: the talking head and the narrated PowerPoint.

“As you might guess, the talking head video is preferable, since it enables prospects to get a sense for who you are as a person,” Satterfield said. “Next to seeing you live, it’s the next best thing. When it’s done right, it’s very effective.”

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However, Satterfield said, if you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera, you might want to opt for a narrated PowerPoint (or Keynote for Mac users) presentation.

“It’s not quite as effective in building rapport as the talking head video, but prospects will pick up a lot of your personality simply by hearing your voice,” he said.

Regardless of which format you use, Satterfield recommends keeping each video under 10 minutes and using the opportunity to really provide prospects with valuable information— like a useful tip, perspective or idea. At the end of the video should be a call to action to go to a specific page on your website that offers a free consultation.

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